Q: What is the hunting territory like?
A: 7500ft including rolling hills with steep slopes.

Q: What is the weather and temperature like on the hunt?
A: Archery season is usually 40 degrees in the morning and up to 80 degrees in the afternoon. Muzzleloader season is from 30 degrees to 50 degrees. Be prepared for rain on all hunts.

Q: What type of bulls do you harvest?
A: We harvest bulls from 280 inch up to and exceeding 350 inch.

Q: What is your success ratio?
A: We are 80 percent opportunity in archery season with 60 percent harvest and 70 percent opportunity during muzzleloader season with 50 percent harvest. (these are accurate numbers)

Q: Do I need to be in good physical condition?
A: We tell our clients to go for walks and do moderate exercise before their hunts. 

Q: How far are the shots?
A: Archery shots are from 5 to 50 yards. Muzzleloader shots are from 50 to 300 yards. 

Q: How much property do you hunt?
A: We hunt on over 25000 acres of private land.

Q: What is a typical hunting day like?
A: We wake up at 4:30am, eat a small breakfast. We will hunt to about 10:30AM, go back to the lodge and have a large breakfast and lunch before we hunt again at 2:00pm until dark. When we arrive at camp dinner is ready to eat.

Q: What accommodations do you have?
A: Both camps have indoor plumbing as well as satellite T.V. and full time cook staff.

Q: Are the bulls bugling during your hunts?
A: Typically bulls will start rutting Sept. 1st with the peak during middle to end of Sept. We will hear some bugling during the 1st. muzzleloader hunt.

Q: When do I arrive to camp?
A: It is suggested to arrive the day before your hunt begins and leave the day after your hunt ends.

Q: Do we have to draw our tags? 
A: No. All tags are guaranteed with landowner permits.

Q: Are there any restrictions on muzzleloaders?
A: Scopes and Saboted slugs are permitted to use. No smokeless powder.

Q: Do you provide transportation from the airport?
A: No. You will have to rent a vehicle and drive to camp. Directions will be provided. 

Q: What does my hunt include?
A: All hunts include meals, lodging, guides, as well as skinning, and caping services. Your elk can be processed in town for $125.00. 

Q: Are your hunts 1x1 guided?
A: All hunts are guided 2x1.

Q: Will we be hunting from tree stands?
A: Yes, we use tree stands over water holes as well as spot and stalk with calling methods.

Q: Do you offer taxidermist services?
A: Yes, we have a full time taxidermist on staff.

Q: Do we have cell phone service at camp?
A: Yes, Verizon services are available at both camps.

Q: Is alcohol allowed at camp?
A: Yes, BYOB. No alcohol is permitted while hunting.

Q: What happens if I tag out early?
A: You can help out by spotting game or running a video camera.

Q: How much should I tip my guides?
A: Tips are appreciated to our hard working guides. A good rule is 10-15 percent of hunt cost, but tip how you feel. Cooks are usually tipped separately and average $50 - $100 per hunter. 

Q: Can I bring a non-hunter?
A: Yes. Non-hunters can come for $50.00 per day.

Q: Do you process meat?
A: Your meat will be taken to the local processor to be cut to your specs. You must pay for your own processing. 


We are an outfitter based in New Mexico offering trophy elk hunting and bear hunting in New mexico as well as mule deer and antelope in Wyoming.



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