Unit 15 - Trophy Elk Hunts: We hunt over 25000 acres of private ranches and with the help of New Mexico Game and Fish we can set our own hunt dates from September to December resulting in less hunters per week and more hunts with more trophy's. This unit is primitive weapons only. You may use either archery equipment or muzzleloaders only. Modern inline muzzleloaders with scopes and sabots are allowed. All of our ranches have planted rye fields and water tanks to keep trophy bulls plentiful. 

All unit 15 tags will be guaranteed landowner tags that are issued by the state. We will send the tag forms to you in August. You must fill out all of your info. and submit your tag money directly to the New Mexico Game and Fish Dept. They will send the tag to you via mail. All tags are guaranteed NO DRAWINGS.



We offer some of the best adrenaline rushed bow hunts in the heart of trophy bull country. All archery hunts are 6 days . The methods we use are ambushing and cow talking along with bugling. We will hunt in the mornings and evenings. Water is a premium in this dry climate we will spend a lot of time in the mid day and evenings sitting in treestands over looking water holes waiting for a shot opportunity. All archery hunters should be comfortable at shots up to 50 yards. 

1x1 Guided Hunts will be $8000.00

2013 Archery Hunt Dates / Prices

September 1 - 6 - Guided 2x1 - $6300.00 - Tag $571.00 
September 11-16 Guided 2x1 - $6300.00 - Tag $796.00
September 19-24 Guided 2x1 - $6300.00 - Tag $796.00


New Mexico Archery Elk




All muzzleloader hunts are 5 days you should arrive the day before your hunt begins and leave the day after. Muzzleloader hunts begin in October through December. The morning hunt consists of ambushing elk as they move from the fields to their bedding areas. We will put hunters in treestands or Double Bull blinds on water holes for the remainder of the day. We do not chase elk unless we have bugling bulls. This unit has never been open to rifle hunters giving us some of the best trophy hunting in the country. 

1x1 Guided Hunts will be $8000.00

2013 Muzzleloader Hunt Dates / Prices 

October 15-19 - Guided - 2x1 - $6800.00 - Tag $571.00 or $796.00
October 21-25 - Guided - 2x1 - $6800.00 - Tag $571.00
October 27-31- Guided-2x1 - $6800.00- Tag $571.00 

2013 Youth Hunt Dates / Prices 
October 8-12 - Guided - 2x1 - $6800.00 - Tag $571.00


New Mexico Muzzleloader Elk

Older Hunters: Pictured to the left is Paul Debolt Sr. from Perrysburg, New York. He is our oldest hunter to date. Paul is 93 years old in this picture. We can accommodate handicap as well as senior hunters. The elevation of our hunts is 7500 feet. The terrain we hunt is rolling hills with juniper and pinion. This hunt is probably the most easy going elk hunt out there. 

Youth Hunts: We offer an awesome opportunity for children under the age of eighteen to hunt the trophy bulls of New Mexico during the peak of the rut with muzzleloaders. This hunt will take place one week before the regular muzzleloader season begins. All youth hunters must complete a hunter education course before applying for their hunt. And must carry proof while hunting in the field. The chances of killing a 350 plus bull on this hunt is very good. We will take up to four youth hunters on this 5 day hunt. Hunt dates will be October 9 - 13

Payment Policy: At time of booking hunt a $3000.00 deposit is required . A second deposit is due of $2000.00 on or before July 1st. Remainder is due at camp in cash no checks will be accepted. We will send you your private land authorization form to you in August. You must then fill out your personal info. and submit your money for your tag to the New Mexico Game and Fish Dept. They will mail your tag directly to you NO DRAWINGS. 

Refunds: A refund of deposits will be given in the following cases... The death of the hunter, his or her spouse, parent , sibling, or child, supported by a copy of the respective death certificate. Any incapacitating illness or injury of the hunter supported by a doctor's statement. A military transfer overseas , or call to duty supported by a copy of the official orders. 


Lodge 1: Our lodging consists of a 1800 sq. ft. home with: 

  • Room to sleep 12

  • Indoor, restrooms with hot showers

  • Group kitchen and gathering room

  • Laundry facilities

  • Satellite television

  • 100 yard range to shoot your muzzleloader

  • We will have a full time cook on staff to prepare hot meals after a long day of hunting . All meals and lodging are included in all of our hunts.

Lodge 2: Shown below, our new camp has all the amenities of home tucked up in the middle of trophy elk country. With indoor plumbing this three bedroom cabin sleeps eight very comfortably. A full time cook will be on staff along with our professional guides to make your hunt the hunt of a lifetime. We will have a full time cook on staff to prepare hot meals after a long day of hunting . All meals and lodging are included in all of our hunts.



# 1- Passed 3 6x6 , 2 5x5 ,and killed giant 5x5
# 2- Passed 1 6x6 and killed 6x6
# 3- Missed 6x6 38 yds 
# 4- Passed several 300 class bulls early , killed 5x5 last day
# 5- Passed smaller bulls missed 6x6 35 yds
# 6- Passed 2 small bulls killed 7x5 at 6 yds
# 7- Passed smaller bulls never drew bow
# 8- Killed 6x6 first day first hour
# 9-Missed 340 at 50 yds, missed 2 other bulls, wounded 6x6
#10- Killed 5x5 30 yds
# 11- No shots no opportunity seen lots of elk
# 12- Passed 10 bulls , missed 330 bull 30yds, wounded 340 
         bull 45 yds last day.
# 13- Missed 6x6 30yds
# 14- Passed 2 5x5 


# 1- Killed 6x6 2nd day passed bulls
# 2-Passed several bulls no kill
# 3- Killed 5x5 3rd day , passed bulls
# 4- Passed bulls no kill
# 5-Passed bulls all week no kill
# 6- Missed bull 20yds
# 7-Missed bull 27 yds, killed 5x6 3rd day
# 8-Missed bull 250 yds
# 9-Passed bulls no kill
# 10-Passed several bulls no kill
# 11-Seen lots of elk opportunity blown because of fence!
# 12-Missed giant bull 200yds, killed 6x6 
# 13-Missed bull 60 yds
# 14-Passed bulls no kill
# 15-Hammer back on bull, sun in scope, passed other bulls
# 16- Saw lots of elk no kill 



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